About Our Company

Vermont Slate Company® is changing the rules of slate roofing to make it an affordable and available roofing product with an unequaled track record of service. Vermont Slate Company® is positioned to bring the slate roofing industry into the 21st century by providing unequaled quality and selection combined with the talent and dedication of our staff and national sales representatives.

Slate roofing is a mark of prestige and quality. Because of a lack of adequate supply and information, some consumers have felt that this superior roofing product is beyond of their reach. In the last century, one of the oldest forms of roofing has lagged behind other building materials in streamlining the distribution system to meet the needs of the 21st century.

classic beauty

The Vermont Slate Company® family of Slate Roofing Products is a revolution in the age-old industry of slate roofing. We have combined the resources of modernized superior production with all of the benefits of superior marketing and good old fashioned customer service. With it, we will bring the world’s largest supply of high quality roofing slate together with years of experience in sales and service in the United States.

The purpose and mission of Vermont Slate Company® is to offer the best products at the best price, along with a level of service this highly specialized industry has never seen.

Classic Beauty

Discerning owners, architects, & builders choose Vermont Slate Company simply because nothing rivals the beauty of our natural stone. Natural stone offers the possibility of distinct textures and color variation that only nature and time can produce. And not all stone is created equal; stone varies from one source to the next. Some stone retains its original color for life, while others naturally weather to elegant blends of various colors.

A stone’s texture can range from smooth for more formal applications to highly textured, allowing the client to achieve their own unique look. The Vermont Slate Company team knows stone. We offer an unprecedented line of colors from the historic slate valley of Vermont, New York, Virginia, and abroad. We lend every client our years of experience in the slate selection process to ensure a lifetime of beauty that only nature can bring.

highest quality

Highest Quality

Vermont Slate Company manufactures and distributes the highest quality domestic slates available. Boulders are cut into blocks, then visually inspected at each stage of production: splitting, trimming, and drilling. Vermont Slate Company employs the highest standards to deliver the highest quality slate in the industry.

We have provided slate for homes and commercial properties in all 50 U.S. states and abroad with 100% customer satisfaction. If we do not offer a particular slate, there is a reason. The difference between good stone and bad stone is the single most important factor when choosing slate. We have been in business long enough to know the difference.

timeless value

Timeless Value

When compared to all other roofing materials, natural slate’s life cycle cost makes it the least expensive product on the market. The lifespan of natural slate has been proven by the real test of time. A lesser roof will need to be replaced three, four, or more times during the lifetime of a single application of slate. No manufactured, synthetic product attempting to imitate natural stone can demonstrate a millennium of beauty like natural slate. Most synthetic imitations currently on the market have only existed for the last ten years.

Authentic, natural slate is also the most environmentally “green” option. Slate production requires less electricity, fossil fuel, and water than any synthetic product on the market. Natural slate is produced using time-tested traditions. The two main ingredients are rock and the manpower to split each slate by hand. Vermont Slate Company provides you the longest lasting, highest value, and greatest pride of ownership for your home.

superior service

Superior Service

You can rest assured that you will receive superior service, guidance, and unequaled technical support. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience, specifically with natural slate. We don’t simply sell slate – we earn business the old-fashioned way, with hard work and honesty.

Our goal is to offer the best products at the best price, along with the highest level of service this specialized industry has ever seen. That’s a bold statement. But we have the knowledge, experience, and willingness to back it.