Roofing slates

Vermont Slate Company manufactures and distributes the highest quality slates available. Boulders are cut into blocks, then visually inspected at each stage of production: splitting, trimming, and drilling.

We employ the highest standards to deliver the highest quality slate in the industry. We have provided slate for homes and commercial properties in all 50 U.S. states and abroad with 100% customer satisfaction.

Discover our wide range of CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, trusted by thousands of architects and installers from all over the world.

All all our roofing products meet or exceed ASTM C-406 S1 Standards.

Vermont Slate Company has several distinct slate roofing blends that marry color and elegance to enhance any structure. Though the choices are limitless, below are a few of our most popular products:

heavy 3 roofing slate
Top Rated

Cupa Heavy 3


Heavy 3 is a blue black slate with a slightly gritty texture, and in some samples well defined parallel lines...

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dark grey slate cupa 12
Top Rated

Cupa 12


Cupa 12 is a non-carbonated slate formed by tectonic compression. Dark grey slate with thin laminations and a smooth surface

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cupa 7 black slate
Top Rated

Cupa 7


Cupa 7 is a non-carbonated natural slate formed by tectonic compression. Black slate with thin laminations and a smooth surface.

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Vermont Multi-Color blends

Vermont Multi-Color Blend

Vermont Multi-Color blends can be created with any of your favorite colors. This one is Vermont Unfading Green, Unfading Red,...

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Vermont Gray Black Blend

Vermont Gray Black Blend

Vermont Gray Black Blend is a darker relative of the Historic Vermont Blend made up of Semi-weathering Vermont Gray, Mottled...

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Charleston Blend natural slate

Charleston Blend

Charleston Blend is a subtle yet beautiful combination of Vermont Unfading Grassy Green and Unfading Gray that is very popular...

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Graduated Thickness Vermont Blends

Graduated Thickness Vermont Blend

Graduated Thickness Vermont Blends are assembled from a variety of colors and sizes of your choice. The term graduated refers...

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Historic Vermont Blend slate for roofing

Historic Vermont Blend

Historic Vermont Blend is a combination of the most popular colors from Vermont: Semi-weathering Gray/Green, Unfading Green or Unfading Gray/Green,...

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New York Red slate is a bright red slate

New York Red

New York Red slate is a bright red slate that will not change color. It is dense, very hard, and...

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Vermont Mottled Purple slate

Vermont Mottled Purple

In Vermont Mottled Purple slate, purple and green combine to form unique patterns in each slate. Some pieces are mostly...

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Vermont Royal & Variegated Purple slate

Vermont Royal & Variegated Purple

Vermont Royal & Variegated Purple slate is a deep purple slate, at times almost burgundy in color, which may have...

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Vermont Unfading Grassy Green slate

Vermont Unfading Grassy Green

Vermont Unfading Grassy Green slate is a medium texture stone with a vibrant jade green color and splashes of light...

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Vermont Unfading Gray/Green slate

Vermont Unfading Gray/Green

Vermont Unfading Gray/Green slate is a more subtle green than the Grassy with small gray markings in the slate. This...

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Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray/Green slate

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray/Green

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray/Green slate has a green or gray/green color when first quarried. After application to the roof and exposure...

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Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray slate

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray

Vermont Semi-Weathering Gray slate is a traditional slate gray color and ranges from having a clear appearance to small black...

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Vermont Rocky Gray slate

Vermont Rocky Gray

Vermont Rocky Gray slate is a smooth to heavy texture stone that produces a natural blend of varying depths of...

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Vermont Unfading Gray slate

Vermont Unfading Gray

Vermont Unfading Gray slate is a medium-texture slate, usually with black markings. It typically will not experience much, if any,...

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Vermont Strata Gray slate

Vermont Strata Gray

Vermont Strata Gray slate is a medium gray slate with black stripes. This medium to heavy-textured slate usually shows some...

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Vermont Black and Gray/Black slate

Vermont Black and Gray/Black

Vermont Black and Gray/Black slate is a medium to heavy texture stone with a medium to dark gray color and...

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cupa14 heavy texture roofing slate
Top Rated

Cupa 14


A heavy texture, non-weathering and unfading stone with a level of quartz that provides a glistening sheen. Cupa 14 is...

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