Slate Roofing

Slate is the best roofing material known to men. A natural material that lasts over 100 years and guarantees a perfect performance in any condition. Vermont Slate offers the widest range of roofing slates in the market, with more than 40.000 combinations of models, sizes and shapes.

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Slate Rainscreen

CUPACLAD® slate siding systems offer a revolution in cladding applications for natural slate. Highly durable tectonic slate and new fixing systems combine for a lightweight and easy to install solution that maximizes the benefits of ventilated facades.

Slate siding

Slate School – North Haven, Connecticut

Located in North Haven, Connecticut, Slate School is an independent, nonprofit K-6 organization. With an emphasis on nature conservancy, this unique learning facility offers one-of-a-kind interactive programs that have been diligently tailored to serve its 70 students. Clearly, one of the highest-rated environmentally friendly schools of its kind in America, Slate School provides an atmosphere …

The remodeling of the Milwaukee City Hall

The Milwaukee City Hall was finished in 1895 and was the tallest habitable building in the United States at that time. The city hall’s bell tower, at 353 feet, also made it the second tallest structure in the nation behind the Washington Monument. At the beginning of the millennium, significant deterioration was evident both in …

Renovated library slated to beautifully endure extreme year-round climate changes

Designed by the collaboration of Boston’s Tappe’ Architects and BCWH Architects of Richmond, Virginia, the new Fairfiled Library in Henrico County (Virginia) provides a center of opportunity and learning for its local community. The design team held several neighborhood stakeholder meetings to generate a solution responding to desires and aspirations of the surrounding population. Core …