CUPACLAD; ready to withstand wind and snow at new headquarters in Fargo

May 6, 2022

When your firm’s headquarters is being built in Fargo, North Dakota you need a façade that can withstand the elements. With temperatures averaging from 0 degrees in winter and 82 degrees in summer and an average of 19 inches of rainfall and 39 inches of snow per year – your façade material needs to be resistant to the changes of cold to warm and rain to snow. CUPACLAD’s natural slate rainscreen system is the answer.

enclave companies

Enclave is a fully-integrated development, construction and management firm that partners with clients from conception and planning to realization.” The business is currently operating more than 3,000 apartment homes and has 700,000 square feet of commercial buildings.

Enclave companies was originally interested in CUPACLAD for the overall look and rich texture of the natural slate, but they knew it was the perfect product for the project after learning about its durability and longevity.

Enclave Fargo North Dakota

Mike Herbst, Managing Partner of Environmental Building Products said:

The mixed use with CUPACLAD truly makes people feel more at ease. The product is great for the North Dakota wind speeds and truly adapts to whatever environment it’s installed in.

enclave slate facade

Herbst wasn’t the only one who felt like CUPACLAD was the perfect product for the job. Keith Knoke, owner, and operator of Knoke Seamless, also fell in love with the materials. He and his team were intimidated when they started working with the product for the first time, but CUPACLAD ended up being one of the easiest products they’ve ever installed.

Knoke said:

I could take someone who had never done it before and have them running their own wall within a few short hours.

He and his team plan to use the products again in the near future.

cupaclad slate facade

If you are in the market for a façade application to waterproof your building, protect your building or home from the elements, and withstand the test of time – CUPACLAD’s team of salesmen and technical specialists are ready for your call.