Slate Roofing meets Solar Technology: Introducing ThermoSlate

September 28, 2016

Solar power has long been pioneering the fight for renewable energy. For years, solar panels have dominated the industry in terms of giving home owners a way to generate clean, sustainable energy while lowering their energy bill. However, solar panels are an obvious fixture, and many high-end homeowners are turned away from their unsightly appearance.

thermoslate slate roofing

Spanish slate company Cupa Pizarras found a unique solution to this problem. By placing thermal plates under slate roofing, siding, or flooring tiles, the revolutionary ThermoSlate technology allows homeowners to generate up to 2/3 of their yearly water heating needs.

Slate Roofing Technology

Each ThermoSlate panel has an area of 15.6 square feet, and can generate around 67 gallons of hot water per day. By installing the recommended 3 to 4 panels— depending on the size of the roof, facade, or patio— ThermoSlate meets the water heating needs of most households.

thermoslate slate roofing

Hidden beneath slate tiles, each panel collects the thermal energy and uses a glycol heat transfer system to heat the structure’s water tank. Once installed, ThermoSlate is completely invisible— perfect for high-end homes and historic restorations.

thermoslate slate roofing

Properties of a Slate Roof

Slate roofing, alone, is a high-quality material that has a number of qualities that make it very appealing to architects. An eco-friendly material that requires minimal processing, natural slate is non-porous and fireproof. Unlike many other roofing materials, that need replacing after 40 years, slate roofing boasts an impressive lifetime of over 100 years.

thermoslate roofing

Adding slate to your home or property is a great way to boost market value. Sleek, timeless and durable, it is a reliable and gorgeous material that can be used as a statement or to match any scheme. While slate is traditionally thought of as a dark, grey or black stone, natural slate comes in a wide array of colors including green, purple, red, and copper.

thermoslate slate roofing

All images featured have integrated ThermoSlate technology. To learn more, visit Cupa Pizarras.