The quintessential slate look in the US

In recent decades, the tradition of using natural slate roofing in the United States has experienced a notable increase. Within this context, CUPA 14 has emerged as a highly regarded product, capturing the essence of slate roofing with its classic blue-black color.

Widely celebrated as the quintessential slate look by many across the country, CUPA 14 stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and quality of natural slate. Sourced from Las Fuentes in Spain, a prestigious quarry operating since 1985, our CUPA 14 has been part of the US market since 2008.

CUPA 14 is presently the closest natural slate on the market to historically produced slates like Buckingham and Peachbottom. Moreover, what truly sets CUPA 14 apart is also the assurance of quality and trust that comes with being produced by the world’s leading slate producer.

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Production that stands the test of time

With almost 20 years of covering US houses, CUPA 14 is available at a standard thickness of 7.5 mm (1/4 – 3/8”) and can be produced in even thicker options.

slate pieces

Slate pieces per year

Every year we produce almost one million pieces of our CUPA 14 natural slate for the US market.


Installed roofs

More than 2,500 CUPA 14 slate roofs have been installed in the US, representing a trusted choice throughout the country.


Statues of Liberty

Over the years, we have exported CUPA 14 in quantities equivalent to the weight of more than 110 times the Statue of Liberty

Unbeatable lifespan – Superior by nature

slate roofing house

Natural slate has a lifespan of at least 100 years, which guarantees a 50% longer lifespan than any other facade or roofing materials.


Material lifespan according to the information provided by the manufacturers*

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    Sustainable footprint – Because that’s how nature made it

    While other materials have to be adapted for increased sustainability, slate has always been more sustainable than the alternatives because it’s 100% natural.

    water drop icon

    Water consumption

    Natural slate (x1)

    Fibre Cement (x11)

    Zinc (x135)

    Clay (x2)

    Energy consumption

    Energy consumption

    Natural slate (x1)

    Fibre Cement (x6)

    Zinc (x4)

    Clay (x2)

    air pollution

    Air pollution

    Natural slate (x1)

    Fibre Cement (x6)

    Zinc (x4)

    Clay (x2)

    *Comparison carried out based on the information published by the French database INIES on September 2014:

    cupa 14 roofing slate

    Certified quality

    Our meticulous approach throughout the entire process enables us to offer a range of natural slate that surpasses all international quality standards, while also being certified by the strictest independent bodies.

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    ASTM C406

    Our CUPA 14 has been certified as S1 under ASTM C406, meaning that it has meets the highest standards for weather resistance.

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    100-year guarantee

    CUPA 14 is backed by a hundred-year guarantee issued directly from us, the producers, resulting in a reassuring peace of mind.

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    Replacement for Buckingham slate

    Our CUPA 14 has been approved as a replacement for Buckingham slate by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and the National Park service.


    CUPA PIZARRAS has a comprehensive quality control system that is unique, allowing us to identify the origin, typology, technical data, and production dates of each of our natural slates. Our traceability process is carried out using a unique barcode that accompanies the slate throughout its production process.

    Thanks to this system, it is possible to monitor the quality of all our CUPA 14 pallets in real-time and provide our distributors and customers with accurate information about each piece of slate. From the Las Fuentes quarry to any location in the United States or elsewhere.

    slate quality traceability

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    Technical Specifications

    < 0,4% Code : W1 (< 0,4%)

    Carbonate Non-Carbonated
    ≤ 0,2% Fulfill (< 2%)

    Mor Characteristic
    Longitudinal ≥ 37 MPA

    SO2 Exposure Test

    Thermal Cycle Test

    Freeze Thaw Test
    Fulfill < 0,4%


    • andy matyszewsk

      “I strongly recommend it to anyone seeking classic and stylish aesthetics as well as to satisfy the need to preserve the overall integrity of the home. It is truly a showpiece for life.”

      Andy Matyszewski
      Owner at ABM Roofing

    • bryan heins

      “Installing of the slate went very well for how complicated the house is. We love working with natural slate because it is almost art in doing the roof and is a lifetime roof.”

      Bryan Heins
      Co-owner at Heins Contracting

    • jenkins

      “Today, slate is being installed coast to coast, primarily on high-end residences, institutional buildings, and churches, but also when an original slate roof finally wears out on a house and the home owner is smart enough to replace it with a new slate roof.”

      Joseph Jenkins
      SRCA Founder and author of the Slate Roof Bible

    • above all roofing logo

      “The quality of synthetic slate can’t be compared to natural slate. We have seen some roofs epically fail and become very brittle. They also fade significantly.”

      Clayton Hardee
      Estimator at Above All Roofing

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