Check out the AWESOME Slate Roofing on this Stadium

September 9, 2016

Hungarian soccer player Ferenc “Pancho” Puskás has been honored in proper athlete-legend fashion. Remembered to be one of the top scorers of all time, Pancho is considered one of the best soccer players in history according to FIFA and the UEFA. He helped win gold at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics and second place in the 1954 Switzerland World Cup. Now, his legacy lives on in the form of a rather extraordinary soccer arena.

slate roofing arena

Home to the Hungarian first division side Puskás Academy FC, the massive structure was opened in April 2014 in rural Felcsút and quickly named “the world’s best luxury soccer stadium”. The Pancho Arena, featuring a sweeping, bat-like canopy entirely covered in slate roofing, took contractor Teto Horn 7 months to install.

A marvel to look at, the structure features tall, wide windows and modern copper and timber accents. Designed by renowned Hungarian architect Imre Makovetz, the stadium can house 3,500 fans. Makovetz, a strong voice in the push for organic architecture, modeled the structure to mimic the surrounding landscape, including fan vaults that “spread like branches” and using sustainable materials.

slate roofing arena

Environmental Impact of Slate Roofing

Natural slate roofing is not only beautiful, weather-resistant and long-lasting, but an eco-friendly material as well. Unlike competing “earth-friendly” products like terra cotta, natural slate requires only minimal processing from mine to roof. Hand split, and with natural fireproof and water-resistant properties, many harmful CO2 emissions used in processing are eliminated.

As for popular roofing options such as shingles and clay and concrete tiles, they often need replacing within a homeowner’s lifetime. Slate roofing, on the other hand, has a renowned lifespan of 100+ years— saving not only space in landfills, but money used in repairs.

In fact, slate roofing is so durable that it is not uncommon for it to outlive the life of its parent building. In instances like these, slate tiles can easily be removed and used on another structure.

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