5 Awesome Slate Siding Projects

August 15, 2016

A popular high-end material for centuries, natural slate siding is making a comeback as a unique cladding option for modern design. Long-lasting, eco-friendly and gorgeous, natural slate tile will not only outlive any other siding material, but add a considerable amount to the building’s value. Modern designers use slate cladding’s unique texture and colors to create statement buildings that are a work of art.

Here’s 5 awesome buildings to inspire your next slate siding project:

1. The Lighthouse

Lundgaard & Tranberg

Lundgaard & Tranberg

The design of this residential complex in Copenhagen’s Open Harbor usually causes a double-take. The staggered, slate-covered layers gives the building’s 89 apartments unique dormers and bays, making a statement in the midst of the surrounding historical warehouses.

2. Faelledgaarden

Faelledgaarden slate siding


This assisted living facility in Copenhagen is one of 193 buildings that were given a face-lift with natural slate siding. Other than affording a uniform, chic look to the structure, the care center specified slate to transform these establishments into low-energy buildings. The staggered porches and alternating windows give the building a clever textured facade.

3. Kindergarden

Kindergarden slate siding

Vandkunsten Architects

Pairing small, haphazardly arranged windows with large glass walls, this kindergarten in Copenhagen embraces the free-willed creativity of childhood. Over 1,000 square meters of the building is covered in natural slate, providing a sleek, modern look with the strength and protection that even the most protective parent would approve of.

4. Mining Housing Project

Area-e Architects slate siding

Area-e Architects

Located in Asturias, Spain, this building was constructed as a social housing unit for a mining community. With it’s 1,500 square meter surface covered in natural slate, the unique, disruptive design certainly draws the eye. At night, its large windows give the surrounding area a light, friendly glow.

5. Tandrupkollegiet

Kant Arkitekter slate siding

Kant Arkitekter

Focusing on sustainable architecture techniques, this youth housing center in Denmark created a slick, compact building that any tenant would be proud to call home. Standing out between two brick buildings, the housing center features tall windows and beautiful white porch highlights, and paneled with sleek grey slate cladding. A stark difference to its neighbors, it nonetheless fits seamlessly into the surrounding architecture.

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