A natural and peaceful community covered by READYSLATE

February 9, 2022

When designing a development near the shores of Flathead Lake, amidst a forest of century-old pines, using natural materials is not an option, it’s mandatory. That was the motto of the TATANKA homes project, the epitome of modern-rustic American luxury.

tatanka homes project

Jamie Owens, designer and project developer explains:

“We wanted a natural product and happily discovered READYSLATE while researching slate roofing”

READYSLATE modules are composed of 6 high quality hand-quarried natural slates, mounted on a waterproofing bituminous membrane. The groundbreaking aesthetic of natural slate is unreachable for other artificial alternatives.

slate roof system

Owens acknowledged, “the main advantage is the timeless beauty – it is classic, stately and stunning”. He also stressed how the design of the system is intended to be installed fast and easily, without specialized workers.

The TATANKA Homes developer plans to build 50 homes with finely curated details, architectural finishes, premium fixtures and refined extras. With that in mind, Owens knew he needed a reliable partner to cover an overall 17,500m2 of roofs.

installation of the roofing system readyslate

After an Internet search, he contacted the READYSLATE team, which provided “excellent senior management, perfect communication and rapid take-offs”. Owens follows:

“I knew immediately that this was a team of top-tier professionals.”

Vermont Slate is the exclusive READYSLATE distributor in the USA. Our team of experts accompany the client from the beginning to the closing of the process. From the first email to opening day. “We got everything that we needed throughout the project, including delivery schedules”, said Jamie Owens.

tatanka homes

READYSLATE gives you peace of mind backed by the world leader in natural slate. “Even in this pandemic-troubled-supply-chain world, the READYSLATE’s management team performed miracles for TATANKA”, described Owens.

“The READYSLATE is such a beautiful product, and we love how it looks”, concluded Owens.

readyslate lightweight roofing installation

Do you want more information about READYSLATE, our fast and easy lightweight roofing system? Contact us and we will answer all your questions!