Sunshine National Retail Center offers a Statement in Slate

November 16, 2020

Springfield, Missouri’s first contemporary streetscape development, strategically located at one of the city’s most “popular” intersections, consists of three modern and highly sustainable buildings. Centrally sited, the Sunshine National Retail Center is just 0.7 miles south of Missouri State University, 1.6 miles from Simon’s Battlefield Mall and a few blocks from Bass Pro Shops’ world headquarters. And, it is also located directly across the street from Mercy Hospital’s main regional campus.

sunshine national retail center

Its three buildings are positioned right up to the street with parking in the back, allowing entry from multiple sides. This unique design strategy creates a highly walk-able environment for not only visitors, but for denizens of the bordering neighborhood. Visually in-synch with the abovementioned adjacent community houses, CUPACLAD natural slate was specified to clad key portions of this upscale, new center.

sunshine national retail dake wells

Brad Kiser, president and owner of Springfield Roofing Systems, had not worked with CUPACLAD prior to this project, but did have some experience working with the same material in the past when installing a “big slate roof with the same material.” Kiser stated,

“Our first installation with CUPACLAD was a learning process, but we really liked how the project turned out. So much in fact, we would definitely work with this product again. Very importantly,” he continued, “this natural slate can be used for a variety of different scenarios, and we really like that it is so versatile”

It should be noted that for this project, architectural firm Dake | Wells deservedly received the AIA Central States “Excellence in Architectural Design, Merit Award.

architectural firm dake wells

Time-tested and time-honored natural slate, a building material dating back to ancient times, offers unmatchable technical properties adaptable to any project. Green and sustainable, slate provides facades an inimitable, timeless and unchanging appearance. And CUPACLAD rainscreen systems are produced by Cupa Pizarras, the world’s leading quarrier and marketer of highest quality natural slate.

CUPACLAD is a natural slate rainscreen cladding system, which offers a range of cladding solutions, from traditional to contemporary, suitable for any architectural design. The CUPACLAD 101 LOGIC system offers invisible connectors, making this natural slate the main attraction of any building’s exterior facade. Additionally, the CUPACLAD 101 LOGIC rainscreen cladding system blends in nicely with other building materials, while continually showcasing natural slate’s exquisite texture and sheen. Last but clearly, not least, a CUPACLAD natural slate rainscreen system guarantees that buildings clad with it, such as the Sunshine & National Retail Center, will never fade or deteriorate, needing little or no maintenance whatsoever.

sunshine national retail in springfield

The next time you’re passing through the “Queen City of the Ozarks,” make it a point to drive through the corner of Sunshine Street and National Avenue. You’ll witness a beautiful, modern new building project, which echoes the phrase, “Slate is Great!