A time-lapse slate roofing renovation at the St James Church

November 11, 2021

In 2016, a fire destroyed St. James Church, but now the historic church in Melbourne’s inner south is rising from the ashes thanks to some major restoration work. To recreate the original roof, Vermont Unfading Green slate roofing was chosen.

SIDA Constructions, a company specializing in heritage and restoration work, took the lead on the re-roofing project in collaboration with Andronas Architecture. The team has shared with us a time-lapse shot over several weeks in mid-2021.

A large portion of the scaffold has now been dismantled and our Vermont Unfading Green can be admired from the street. This slate weathers very little and is beautiful on the entire roof, or as an accent color in a blend.

St James Church is one of Australia’s architectural jewels from the 19th century and in recent years there has been popular mobilizations to raise funds for its complete restoration.

Natural slate is an elegant material which enhances any monument appearance, and its lifespan has been proven by the test of time.