The restoration of the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library

April 23, 2021

Vermont Slate covers the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library, located in historic and beautiful Edenton, North Carolina.

Shepard Pruden library in North Carolina

Our CUPA 14 natural slate was the perfect choice for the roofing material of the building, which has been renovated and expanded in 2008 to its current 12,000 square meters.

CUPA 14 natural slate

CUPA 14 natural slate is a pale grey slate with asmooth surface. Split into a thickness of 7-8mm , it can withstand the Edertons weather .

Roofing slate is supremely durable, waterproof and environmentally friendly. It is also virtually maintenance free, once installed, making it the ideal material to enhance any building.

Shepard Pruden memorial library

An addition by Traub architecture + design

The Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library is a Chowan County public library with a collection of 30,000 books and newspapers as well as videotapes, audiotapes, and DVDs.

The latest addition by Traub Architecture + Design was done to provide a handicapped access throughout, an elevator, a community meeting room with smart wall, reprodutions of original Chowan County furnishings in the NC Reading Room, a North Carolina Research and Reference room, a secure archival store and an outdoor reading courtyard.