4 Reasons Natural Slate Siding is the Best Investment

September 30, 2016

Slate siding has caught on as a popular architectural trend in Europe. The material, originally quarried for roofing, has a number of properties that make it a strong contender against classic siding options like wood, stucco, and other kinds of stone.

Here are 4 reasons why natural slate siding is a worthwhile investment:

I. Durable and Reliable

An incredibly strong material, slate siding has a guaranteed lifetime of 75 years, usually lasting upwards of 100. Effective against all elements, slate is adaptable for any environment— fireproof, protective against hail and non-porous, which prevents cracking caused by trapped water.
Popular siding options such as stone, stucco and wood require maintenance to withstand the years of weathering. Slate siding, comparably, is entirely maintenance free once installed. While some slate colors will slightly fade, other strains will remain the same color from their first day to their last.

II. Energy Efficient

With improper insulation, heating and cooling systems can have a homeowner hemorrhaging money. Slate siding is thermally insulating, maintaining a steady internal temperature and lowering the strain put on these devices, which saves a considerable amount of money. In terms of sustainable architecture, slate siding has been a choice material for “passive homes”, innovative structures that aim to be as efficient possible without sacrificing comfort.

III. Environmentally Friendly

Considering slate’s natural properties, it requires minimal processing from quarry to construction site.
slate siding
Hand-split by skilled architects, no harmful chemicals are applied and ozone-damaging CO2 emissions are avoided. After a slate quarry has been mined through, most are re-filled with water and stocked with the area’s native flora and fauna.

IIII. Aesthetically Appealing

All functional purposes aside, slate is a gorgeous material that is often specified on high-end projects for its regal and classic appearance. Whether selected for its sleek, darker shades or for bolder greens, purples and reds, slate siding takes a classic material and makes a modern statement that is sure to turn heads.
slate siding
Additionally, adding slate to a structure typically raises its market value, making it an all-around reliable, gorgeous, and savvy investment.