A new roof for the Glenn Memorial Church

October 28, 2020

Vermont Slate has provided CUPA 14 Black slate for Glenn Memorial Church at Emory University in Atlanta. Learn more about the history behind this church and see photos of the new slate roof below.

glenn memorial church emory university

On January 11, 1920, 57 people met to express their desire to become a Methodist congregation on the new Druid Hills campus of Emory University, and on February 15, 1920, the Emory University Methodist Church was formally organized.

glenn memorial chuch in atlanta

The chapel in the university’s Candler School of Theology was the congregation’s first home. In 1930, a decision was made to build a beautiful new sanctuary on the campus and on October 4, 1931, the congregation held its first service in the new building, Glenn Memorial.

A university publication reported,

“At last the campus and the community have a real church edifice in which to worship, and for a few years at least, Emory will have an auditorium large enough to accommodate its graduation exercises, musical concerts, and lectures.”

glenn memorial chuch

More than 80 years later, Glenn and Emory still share this space, which has been the basis of a strong and ever-growing relationship.