East Coast Beach House Built to Last

June 22, 2021

Let’s face it. A strong program of well-planned maintenance is necessary for any beach home. The best maintenance program is initially, to simply build a well-thought out, intelligently designed structure to avoid many of the challenges faced by any property on the coast. It’s no secret that living on the seacoast places a beach house at risk of damage due to storms, winds and flooding.

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Believe it or not, weather damage accounts for over 30% of insurance claims. And that high number does not take into consideration damages that are caused by mold, saltwater and overexposure to the sun.

A modernistic, single family beach house was recently designed and constructed in Northeast Florida by an architect, who has asked to remain anonymous. This architect specified CUPACLAD 101 to protect roughly 1,600 square feet of the building’s external vertical walls. Why was the CUPACLAD system specified?

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CUPACLAD is a natural slate rainscreen cladding system consisting of a range of cladding solutions, from traditional to contemporary, offering a wide choice of options, suitable for any individual design. Constructed 100% of the highest quality durable slates, unlike other cladding products, sustainable and natural CUPACLAD is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen… and once installed, no additional surface treatment is required whatsoever. It is quick and easy to install by professional facade contractors.

Quite frankly, once installed, the slate requires no maintenance whatsoever. Additionally, CUPACLAD never fades. This means the cladding will look as if it were just put in place, for decades upon decades to come.

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There are limitless possibilities for designing with natural slate. Light and versatile, CUPACLAD systems can be adapted to any surface. Once the installation procedures are explained, they are a contractor’s dream. The system is extremely easy to install.

beach house slate cladding

And, because CUPACLAD uses invisible connectors, the slate becomes the main feature of the façade. This exclusive fixing system allows for easy installation using stainless steel nails and includes a slate overlap, as well.

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One very nice tribute of choosing to have a CUPACLAD rainscreen application, is that although it consists of a clean and modern-looking material…CUPACLAD blends in with almost any neighbor’s design theme, from traditional to ultra-contemporary. In the case of this Florida property, this new and beautiful beach house, with its contemporary slate rainscreen facade, was a welcome addition to its established seaside community!