More than Blacks and Grays: 4 Lesser-Known Slate Tile Colors

September 12, 2016

When thinking about slate tile, most picture tones of grey, black, or dark blue. While a “safe” choice that affords any building a regal, classic finish, dark shades are not the only option when selecting this reliable material. Natural slate comes in a rainbow of colors, giving architects the freedom to experiment with a range of artistic styles. Keep reading to learn about 4 of slate’s lesser-known hues:

Green Slate Tile

Green is not often the color one thinks when picturing stone. Even so, there are a number of different veins that cause slate to have distinct, greenish hues. Slate tile such as Vermont Unfading Grassy Green and Rocky Mountain Green have vibrant jade pigments that add spots of color in a blend, or stand as a bold statement alone.

rocky mountain green slate tile

Other variations such as Sea Island Green, Augusta Green, and Jade Green slate have more of a subdued coloration, adding a less-distinct tint that may be mistaken for a lighter grey.

sea island green slate tile

Red Slate Tile

Mimicking brick or terra cotta, red slates are a popular choice for many looking to imitate the aesthetic of these materials. Less porous than brick, stronger than terra cotta, New York Red is of a particularly hard and dense slate quality that is both rare and highly desired. Its unfading quality, as well, ensures the same rustic tone throughout its lifetime.

new york red slate tile

Purple Slate Tile

Perhaps slightly more common than the other colors on this list, purple slate lends a particularly regal accent to light-colored buildings. Vermont Royal and Variegated Purple slate has a pleasing lilac tone that can appear burgundy at times, offering a splash of color that is less distracting than brighter hues.

vermont royal purple slate tile

Vermont Mottled Purple uses tones of both purple and green to create unique, complementing patterns that are easily paired with a number of materials.

vermont mottled purple slate tile

Multi-Color Slate Tile

Bringing to mind images of desert landscapes and magnificent rock formations, multi-color slate tiles work together to form dynamic and textured roof or siding statements. Canyon Multi-Color slate has marbled, sandy hues that give subtle splashes of color. Harder and more dense than many other multi-colored slates, this Brazilian stone is better suited for harsher climates.


Painted Desert Multi-Color slate contains rich colors ranging from deep copper to dark grey. With bolder tones than the Canyon slate, fixtures utilizing this material have a textured and almost 3D appearance. This stone tends to darken with age, only deepening its appealing hues.

painted desert multi-color slate tile