Here are 4 Reasons to Choose a Natural Slate Countertop

August 29, 2016

Natural slate has, for decades, been a reliable and high-quality material that ads value to any home. Recently, the popular roofing material has been reimagined to fit other home improvement needs. Slate countertops are rising in popularity among architects as an elegant fixture in high-end homes. Durable, long-lasting and complementary to any home aesthetic, natural slate is becoming a highly desired centerpiece for kitchens and bathrooms.

natural slate countertop natural slate countertop


Natural slate has an elegant, handsome quality. Often, adding this material to a home instantly increases the building’s market value. Muted black, blue-black or grey tones stand out less than granite or marble countertops, blending easily into any style of decor. And while standard black is a popular choice, natural slate comes in an array of colors including shades of red, blue, purple and green.


Unlike concrete, granite and marble, slate is a non-porous stone. This quality makes it incredibly easy to clean, and avoids harboring bacteria like a number of other countertop options. Oils, juices and other damaging liquids won’t stain, and hot pans or irons don’t blemish the surface.


Besides having a nonstaining quality, natural slate countertops are a hardy material. They do not easily chip or scratch. When used in roofing, slate is estimated to have a life of over 100 years. Take away hail, wind and other weather damage, and you can count on a natural slate countertop to live on for generations.


Marble, granite and quartz are popular counter options for high-end renovations. However, these materials can range from anywhere between $100 to $250 per square foot. Comparably, natural slate countertops usually cost around $50 and $65 per square foot. To the savvy homeowner or architect, this elegant, quality material is also a fiscally appealing choice.